Collaboration Platform

Manage your shipments at 360 º and reduce the time to find the status and location of your goods.

The value of monitoring

Having full control of your shipments has become a key point for efficient business management, and it is Picardi Shipping’s priority to provide all information in the most accessible and immediate way possible.

Multi-device platform

Every customer of Picardi Shipping has the Collaboration Platform included in the service, an online tracking system that can be consulted from any device that does not forget the protection of commercial data.

With the Collaboration Platform you can:

  • Know the status of your shipment in a smart way with search filters, for both export and import goods
  • Control the release of goods and the steps of customs operations
  • Monitor any slowdown in Import/export due to additional controls (e.g.Visit Goods or Scanner Control)
  • To demand in real time new quotations and to verify the expiration of those in existence
  • Export the data of your shipments in CSM, XML and XLSX format
  • View invoices associated with individual shipments and history

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