Our Organisation offers a full service for deliver good (EU and Worldwide in different types. We manage various sectors: from industrial to alimentary for small Companies and Holding. Our transport solutions:

- Maritime
- Road
- Rail
- Intermodal
- Air
- Special Equipments


It not always attributed to a transport insurance coverage. Normally maritime transport provides a generic risk coverage and accidental navigation (events such as storms / fires / explotion / looting / piracy). Our Agency is able to provide adequate protection with policies specific to any type of goods, for ordinary risks such as wetting, temperature, breakage, humidity, fermentation, bad stowage, and other hazards of war.


We follow the customer in every aspect of the business dynamics from stat up in an industry study the creation of opportunities in the product segment of belonging. An intervention aimed also looking for partners in the profits and proposition of new product. Our consultation occurs in all phases:

International Busines & Trade Consulting


- Import
- Export
- Transit management and telematics INTRA
- Carnet ATA
- Warehouse procedure
- Inward and outward processing
- Processing under customs control
- Posters cargo ships arriving and departing


Certification is mandatory for a person placing goods in the European Community Area. Our Team’s able to assist the import during the procedures for obtaining Certificates of conformity of products in Italy and abroad, making use of technical workshops agreement.

To get a certification
- Contact Us for a free consultation of information related to necessary documentation.
- Ask the manufacturer of the "test report" (photographs / analysis and technical findings of the tests)
- Assessment of their value within the Community
- Delivery of samples, photos and reports to our Chinese laboratory.
- Sending cost estimate
- Measurement and testing with processing instruction manual